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Allegra Pazienti founded RiVa Jewels in 2014.

Her passion for jewellery, craft, art, design and her experience at a goldsmith’s laboratory gave her the inspiration to set-up her own business.

Allegra, designs each piece and they are all hand made with an exceptional eye for detail, the minute differences that may be found show individual and unique artistry.

The natural lines of the light wires and beautiful golden shapes  make for an exquisite accessory whether it be a necklace, ear cuffs,  bracelet or ring, each forming it’s own shape to adorn the particular part of the body where the piece of jewellery will be worn.


YOU CAN PLACE AN ORDER BY EMAIL AT info@rivajewels.com

Please include images of the pieces you’re interested in and all info for the shipping.


Foglia collection

foglia collection

X collection


Horizon collection

horizon collection

Butterfly collection

butterfly collection

Enamel collection

enamel collection

Retro collection

retro collection

California collection

california collection

star collection

star collection

punta collection

punta collection

flower collection

flower collection

plate and wire collection

Plate and wire Collection

gold mood collection

GOLD MOOD Collection

moon collection

moon collection

Rosa collection

rosa collection


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